vaddanam is the heavy oranament worn by the bride at her wedding ceremony .vaddanam worn around the waist .it is also called it is as Oddiyanam, Waist Belt, Kammar Patta.majority of the south indian woman worn this vaddanam at wedding ceremony and festivals beacuse this vaddanam is the rich  and status symbol of the bride or woman .this vaddanam  is a costly ornament but now a days low weight vaddanam also available in gold shopes.


On wedding occassion bridal must wear the vaddanam that supports the saree or wedding dress which gives traditional look and enhance the bridal beauty eye turn o n her wedding.the vaddaman can be made with plain pure gold ,some of  the vaddanam or  waist belt studed  with emeralds ,stones ,ruby,and and somes precious stones and most of the designs the vaddanam or waist belt mainly designed with Laxmi sitting on Lotus flower surrounded by peacock or elephant design.

some of the vaddanam can be used as dual purpose can be used as vaddanam and another hnad be used as long south indian marriages rarely seen with out  a waist belt or vaddanam on the bride’s waist .

diamond vaddanam

nagas vaddanam

vaddanam peacock design



stone vaddanam

gold and diamond waist belt

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